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Member Benefits

How Can the BBA Support Your Business?

As a member-led organization, we know all too well how much time and commitment it takes to create a positive economic climate in our neighborhood.  We also know that owning or a running a business is a fulltime task!  Fortunately, the BBA is committed to making your work just a little easier by providing support and opportunities to:


  • Grow Your Professional Network
  • Stay Informed and Connected
  • Get Access to Decision-Makers
  • Grow Your Customer Base
  • Improve Your Business Climate
  • Support Your Workforce


Here’s What the BBA Accomplished in 2018-2019

  • Worked with City Leaders on Infrastructure and Public Space Improvements in Belltown
  • Supported Dozens of Community Programs to Create Safe and Lively Public Space
  • Brought Thousands of Visitors to Belltown through Marketing & Public Events
  • Helped Bring the Mayor and City Council Members to Belltown’s Streets and Businesses


·         Business Development

o    Belltown Marketing

o    OVG Community Benefit Agreement

o    MID Support

·         Direct

·         Indirect

·         Public Realm

o    Parks Activation, Classes and Events

o    Bell Street Park Extension Directional Arch Location

o    On the Battery Design Ideas

o    Market to MOHAI Coordination

o    Belltown Community Center Locations

o    Alley Gallery Project

o    South Portal Overlook

·         Transportation

o    Seattle Center Impacts

o    Parking Alternatives

·         Health & Safety

o    SPD Beat Cops

o    MID Clean and Safe Teams

o    Unsheltered

o    Emergency HUB (OSP)

·         Communications

o    Online Meet-Ups

o    Print

o    Best Way


·         Growing Vine Street

o    Avalon Bay Water Project

o    Vine Street Water Project

o    Other Buildings

·         Belltown Development

o    Historic Culture (Mama’s, Two Bells)

o    Historic Buildings (Wayne,

o    Early Design Review Issues