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About Us

The Belltown Business Association (BBA) is a group of Belltown business owners and representatives who, along with other stakeholders, volunteer our time and work together to foster a vibrant business community in Belltown. The BBA needs your voice, your ideas, and your financial support to promote a thriving business environment.

At the BBA, we believe that achieving meaningful outcomes for the community requires expertise, accountability, and action.  That’s why we’ve led the way to bring together existing civic organizations through belltown20|20, a community initiative focused on meeting the needs of Belltown’s businesses, residents, and other stakeholders.

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Here’s What the BBA Accomplished in 2018

Worked with City Leaders on Infrastructure and Public Space Improvements in Belltown Supported Dozens of Community Programs to Create Safe and Lively Public Space

Brought Thousands of Visitors to Belltown through Marketing & Public Events

Helped Bring the Mayor and City Council Members to Belltown’s Streets and Businesses

With OED funding, created a video that is free for use by all Belltown businesses:

  • Business Development
    • Belltown Marketing
    • OVG Community Benefit Agreement
    • MID Support
      • Direct
      • Indirect
  • Public Realm
    • Parks Activation, Classes and Events
    • Bell Street Park Extension Directional Arch Location
    • On the Battery Design Ideas
    • Market to MOHAI Coordination
    • Belltown Community Center Locations
    • Alley Gallery Project
    • South Portal Overlook
  • Transportation
    • Seattle Center Impacts
    • Parking Alternatives
  • Health & Safety
    • SPD Beat Cops
    • MID Clean and Safe Teams
    • Unsheltered
    • Emergency HUB (OSP)
  • Communications
    • Online Meet-Ups
    • Print
    • Best Way
  • Growing Vine Street
    • Avalon Bay Water Project
    • Vine Street Water Project
    • Other Buildings
  • Belltown Development
    • Historic Culture (Mama’s, Two Bells)
    • Historic Buildings (Wayne,
    • Early Design Review Issues